A small renewable energy company had been receiving Small Business Administration (SBIR) funding for work with the US Marine Corps (USMC). Funding stream was coming to a close. Company was seeking assistance securing new DOD revenue sources through the FY 2020 Appropriations process.Company was promoting much needed technology to improve renewable energy options benefiting small operating bases in forward deployed areas.


Winning Strategies Washington (WSW) developed a strategic advocacy plan for securing a “plus up” in the FY 2020 Defense Appropriations bill. The firm worked with the client to finalized key arguments and messaging, including drafting white papers and filing appropriations request forms. The firm put the plan into action, meeting with Members of the Senate Armed Services and Intelligence Committees and with House and Senate Defense Appropriations Committee staff, working for the Committee Chairs and Ranking Members.

WSW facilitated an early site visit by a Senior Member of the House Appropriations Committee to view the technology and meet with the senior company leadership and outside advisors.A home state Senator and Member of the Armed Services Committee also sent two staff delegations to the company’s facility.

WSW was successful in engaging with two Senators who represent a military base where the research and development was being conducted.  Both Senate offices weighed-in with support for the funding increase.


The FY 2020 House Defense Appropriations bill included a $3 Million plus-up for the USMC program.The Senate FY 2020 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) included a $5 Million new Authorization for the same USMC program.


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